Warehouse & Distribution

Warehouse, Distribution & Manufacturing

Identifying the appropriate security partner is crucial when a supply chain needs reliable, on-time service. The proven ability of SGSC to offer an outstanding customer service, preemptive security solutions through multiple security platforms, industry-leading service, and quality level assurances, ensures that we have the flexibility, scalability, and creativity to fulfill your individual and idiosyncratic needs.

Shifts in demand and supply, growing environmental issues, changing criminal behavior, and several other factors require versatile approaches. SGSC has expertise in tailoring effective, efficient, and thorough security and safety programs to achieve the changing needs of manufacturers and industries.

Security Guard Services & Consulting (SGSC) offers comprehensive security services to customers across a diverse spectrum of industries. We have established an exclusive bundle of service offerings for our manufacturing and industrial customers that fully combines all elements of the security program which include safety personnel, specialized training, security technology management, and security awareness programs.