Residential Security

Residential Security Service

Sometimes Security officers operate as the very first and the final glimpse of the complex, building, and community that you live in. You would like your residents and their guests, and their families to have a feeling of being safe, comfortable, and greeted. Security Guard Services & Consulting (SGSC) offers the best services for your residential security. We also provide Dedicated Patrol with top-notch certified Security Officers at your request.

The residential community is also susceptible as parked vehicles attract vast forms of criminals — cars, identities, and small-scale criminals. The clubhouse and pool are also among vulnerable positions where anyone can just walk in from out of the street. Even in gated communities, the gates might be open during the day or residents can exchange passwords for entry.

The condominiums and complexes with high-rise apartments bring another range of challenges. It is something in which Security Guard Services & Consulting holds experience in ensuring the protection of residential communities. Our officers deter night talkers and have parking passes verified. We are always ensuring clubhouses and pools are safe. You can contract for us to patrol several floors and track your systems for video surveillance.

Our security forces can assist to enforce parking rules in the community. At Security Guard Services & Consulting, we actually realize that there can be additional risks that are created simply for having some type of building. The needs for security officers vary from a bank to various apartment complexes i.e. an apartment complex that is high-rise versus an apartment complex that is garden-style.

Apartment holders surely ought to be prepared for handling their risks to safety and the liability as well. At SGSC, we function with the building’s managers to elucidate possible safety risks taking into account all those factors that are available. Identifying it beforehand helps us for creating your particular needs for safety guards.