Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrols

Mobile Guarding of Security Guard Services & Consulting’s (SGSC) offers high value and high-quality solutions of security tailored to your needs. SGSC’s Mobile Guarding allows organizations of all sizes to leverage security offerings including response services for incident/alarm, technician, patrol inspections, and employee escorts. Thus, its customizable security offerings are affordable, flexible, and easy to implement as well.

Mobile security services from Security Guard Services & Consulting integrate cutting edge technology with incident response and patrol inspections to formulate a customized solution that meets your requirements. We will help develop a security program to make sense for your company from wireless systems of portable alarm and cameras to more conventional security systems.

There is no need to compromise security due to budget shortfalls; Our services of mobile Guarding provide the best solution. SGSC Mobile provides the essential tools to ensure a secure environment through our industry expertise and specialized services, and better preserve your assets and property.

Our Mobile Guarding Services include:

  • Incident Response and Alarm
  • Interior and Exterior Inspections
  • Parking Lot Patrols and Perimeter Protection
  • Lock and Unlock services for Sites, Facilities, Gates
  • Dedicated Vehicles for Security Patrol
  • 24/7 Security Operations
  • Event reports / Online Tour Confirmation System