Investigation & Risk Management

Investigations & Private Investigations

Security Guard Services & Consulting (SGSC) can easily get the results that you ever needed and whenever you need them by utilizing a vast network of confidential sources, data-based, and professional skills. We offer price estimates and can customize an inquiry to match your particular needs.

The investigations done by the licensed Private Investigators are now becoming a growing necessity in the workplace today that is due in part to the increase in society’s criminal activity and dwindling police resources.

Security Guard Services & Consulting (SGSC) is well equipped to provide investigative services focused on the well-trained investigators and expertise of the management.

Investigations will detect internal fraud (theft of employees) therefore preventing a business from potentially thousands of dollars lost. Many businesses that do not have a Loss Prevention System in place continue to lose 5-6 percent of revenue to theft.    Companies with a very well-maintained Loss Prevention Plan will see their revenue risk reduced to 1.5-2.0 percent.