Construction Site Security

Construction Site Security

At Security Guard Services & Consulting (SGSC), we offer inexpensive and reliable security solutions to construction which will lessen the expensive losses incurred by squatters and criminals.  Our security personnel is skilled, qualified, and reliable.

In Alberta, the number of crimes committed targeting industrial sites and construction projects has significantly increased. The incidences of vandalism, theft, sabotage, and arson are causing significant financial and physical damages as well as expensive delays for developers and construction firms. The introduction of an effective robust site protection system will avoid such losses

​There is no replacement for crewed guarding services carried out by highly trained and experienced security guards at the site. The guards of Security Guard Services & consulting (SGSC) are capable of securing your properties.

Many of the offenses perpetrated on industrial properties and construction sites transpire at night, and the offenders use stolen cars to enter the property while camouflaging their faces with toques, hoodies, or baseball caps. It makes CCTV surveillance systems ineffective because they are doing nothing to possibly prevent crime rather, they are just watching it happen.

Locks, barriers, cameras or the use of sporadic, mobile security patrols do not even dissuade offenders today.  Such strategies provide nothing more than an extra running expense and a false feeling of safety.  The most appropriate way to secure the project site is to employ a skilled on-site security guard to keep a watchful eye, maintain access control, and conduct regular patrols.